The gold medal of steel structure and silver medal of engine


Platform canopy of Mecca, Saudi Arabia  that we contracted won the gold medal of steel structure and silver medal of engineering construction 

Platform project of Light Railway in Mecca, Saudi Arabia is aimed to provide convenient transportations for the Pilgrims from Arafat region to Jamarat palace by Saudi Arabian Government. This project is an international bid, designed by a French company. Kangda cooperates closely with the French party for construction plans designing. It is the first inter-government project between China and Saudi Arabia, with total length of 18 kilometers, covered area approx. 0.13 million square meters, and weight of structural steel approx. 8700mt. The 18-kilometer-long line with 21 stations, each platform 370m long. The whole platform canopies utilize tensioned membrane structures, i.e. structural steel as the frame and PTFE membrane as the roofing, with the largest span 15.6m and column space 9.12m.