Bus station, Königsbrunn – PVC-coated polyester membrane roof


Project name:Bus station, Königsbrunn – PVC-coated polyester membrane roof
Project location:Königsbrunn
Membrane design: Arch-supported roof, PVC/PES
Dimensions/sqm: 3,000
Architect: Ingenieurbüro Warisch/Off

Membrane Assembly: March 2010


The impressive PVC-coated polyester membrane roof construction of the central bus station in Königsbrunn immediately catches the traveler’s eye. Temme Obermeier created the roof, which is composed of two wings, one central roof and a smaller arch-supported roof for parked bicycles. Here, PVC-coated polyester membranes were stretched tight over the steel arches to form the top layer; a net fabric was tautened beneath as a bottom layer. This enables the ventilation of the roof, reduces the view onto the steel construction and prevents birds from nesting. Lights were arranged inside the wings to provide an extraordinary light experience to the waiting passengers.