Break the conservative dream vacation


Breaking the conservative dream vacation doesn't mean sacrificing comfort. To ask the makers of autonomous tents, a no-grid campsite can be popular anywhere in the world and offer five-star luxury. Designed by influential modern architect Harry Gesner, the stylish tent is powered by solar power, with on-site waste management systems to minimize the impact on the environment.

The automatic tent has two optional portable luxury terraces: 700 square feet of "cocoon" and 1,000 square feet of "cone". Two metal frame tents are set at the top of a raised wooden deck, and translucent fabric shells resist musty, rotting and vermin. No foundation is necessary, but the automatic tent is designed to withstand winds of 90 MPH and up to 30 pounds per square foot of snow.

In order to maximize space, the compact structure has an open design, high ceilings, and all necessary comfortable off-grid life. Solar panels meet all of the electricity needs, including lighting, pumps, water filters and composting systems. Solar water heater panels or propane water heaters provide hot water for showers and sinks. The filtration system safely returns the water from the shower to the ground, composting the toilet.

Luxury tents, however, are not cheap. A finished cocoon can cost about $100,000 and a finished product "cone" or even $200,000. All self-owned tents are handmade and customizable.

The above images are domestic and foreign application cases