The PTFE roof of Graz central station


Project name: Graz main station PTFE roof

Location: Austria

Film design: PTFE, roof

Designer: ARGE PUG, Büro Zechner & Zechner

Construction area: 1650

Construction time: three construction phases in 2014 and 2015


The railway is in Austria.

Graz's grand central station is listed as one of Austria's most important confluence stations, with about 15 million passengers, and the number is expected to rise further. The purpose of the renovation of the main station is to meet the requirements of the future, especially the improvement of the quality of passenger stay, and the improvement of the quality of passenger stay is the key to enhance the attraction of railway transportation. The highly permeable PTFE fabric is a large skylight of the modern platform roof, and the soft, pleasant sunlight is on the platform. From 2014 to 2015, there are three skylights, a total of 1,650 meters squared, and three stages of construction.

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