Beijing subway Changping line west second flag station


The west second flag station is the south starting point of changping line of Beijing metro line, which is the transfer station of line 13. The station form is a semi-underground one, the ground level four pillar three straddle station. The changping line part of the platform is elevated platform (2), the metro line 13 is the ground side platform (one floor), and the station is on the ground floor. According to the features of side type platform, the station adopted double trapezium combined construction section form, and using the PTFE membrane structure as the roof and facade maintenance material and structure, has realized the basic no column to big space.

To adapt to the subway traffic demand of double quadrilateral combination tubular space being apparent directly into building modelling, and adopts the structure of the paper folding shape and form, implements the modular, standardization, the design and construction of prefabricated, concise, smooth and full of sense of rhythm, real and fully reflect the characteristics of tensioned membrane material and structure, architectural form and structure, drainage and other requirements. The entrance hall of the station, the awning and other elements adopt the integrated architectural vocabulary.

Because of the semi-permeable properties of PTFE membrane materials, the natural light can be transmitted in the station during the day, without artificial lighting. At night, the lights in the station were transmitted, making the station like two glowing paper lanterns, and the people who took the subway home could see it. With its quiet architectural posture and its close relationship with People's Daily life, the station is an important "urban landmark".

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