Bus station, Halle/Saale – PVC-PES membrane roof


Project name:Bus station, Halle/Saale PVC-PES membrane roof

Project location:Halle/Saale

Membrane design: Arch-supported roof, PVC/PES membrane + net fabric
Dimensions/sqm: 260
Architect: BLP
Membrane Assembly: March 2010



The central bus station of Halle is an important entryway to the city. It is situated close to the main train station and has been completely redesigned. Nine barrier-free roofed bus stops with PVC-PES membrane roofs were built. The elliptically designed light roof created by Temme Obermeier is the eye-catcher of the square. It ties the individual waiting areas together to form a harmonic whole and thus makes use of the principle of designing ensembles: Forming a whole while maintaining the individual shape of the particular parts. The membrane design underlines the innovative character of the station, also commonly known as the “Space Center”.

Case effect of ETFE film materials at home and abroad.