New technology of PTFE membrane structure


1. Non-combustibility:

2. Sunshine characteristics:

Because of the semi-permeable properties of the membrane, the sunlight can diffuse in a moderate way without shading, and it is helpful for the growth of indoor planting. On the other hand, because the penetration of ultraviolet ray can be effectively blocked by the membrane material, the internal structure or building materials of the building will not be affected by too much influence to produce the color difference or change.

3. Thermal characteristics:

The white of the film itself can reflect most of the sunshine heat energy, so it can effectively block the entry of heat source. If you use a double layer structure (outer film, endometrium), you can further improve the effect of heat source barrier. This point is especially important for the energy saving of internal air conditioning.

4. Mechanical properties:

Generally speaking, the fiber of the woven fabric used in the film is more fine, the tensile strength of the fabric unit area is relatively high, and the woven material of the fiber is relatively thin.

Fiber Levels

5. Self-cleaning:

Because in the membrane material by fluoride on the physical property and elasticity of all is not, stay on the membrane material of dust and air pollution in various suspension can borrow by rain washed away, so the membrane material can be green. Self-cleaning features save on maintenance costs and procedures.

Performance Comparison of PTFE and PVC membrane material



Glass fiber bucky + polytetrafluoroethylene resin

Polyester fiber + polyvinyl chloride resin



More than 35 years

15 to 25 years


Flame retardant

Non-combustible, permanent material

Flame retardant and semi-permanent material



Self-cleaning is excellent and is not affected by uv radiation

Chemical instability of uv radiation

Teda citizen square in Tianjin Development Zone

The overall design is like a sail returning ship, with the curtain wall shading effect, a combination of beauty and use. The roof banquet hall and the swimming pool membrane structure area about 3000 square meters and the overall architectural style harmonized and unified, both dynamic and concise and rhythmic.

The above images are domestic and foreign application cases