Membrane structure carport


Membrane structure carport is a new kind of construction of artistic expression, it sets to build learning, structural mechanics, aesthetics, environmental, chemical, material science as a whole, through the modern computer technology and the construction of scientific structure, make its appearance can follow the demand of the membrane structure built sheds division arbitrary change, contact the entire environment, built the membrane structure of find the scenery pleasing to both the carport project.

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On artistry:

Let membrane structure carport to build teacher's imagination to the limit, break the pure linear way of traditional building method, with its unique surface appearance, for you to create concise, lively, soft with just beautiful picture scroll, force and beauty, to bring you the new visual enjoyment.

On economy:

Compared with the traditional way of construction, the construction of membrane structure has saved a considerable amount of membrane structure and built this money, especially in the space of short duration and large span, which is more economical. Because membrane material has outstanding transmittance, can reduce light power greatly, other, film material alone reflex action, also can reduce the energy of air conditioning greatly. At night, the structure of the membrane structure of the car shed in the special effects of the light of the glittering and translucent crystal clear image, very visual impact, greatly beautify the urban environment.

About self-cleaning:

Membrane in use in the building has a protective coating of membrane material, membrane structure stands manufacturing company inform us the can make the building have outstanding self-cleaning effect, to ensure the service life of membrane structure built sheds.

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In addition to the general functional requirements, the membrane structure has the following advantages:

I. Economy. Membrane structure carport is only the cost of a traditional carport cost 1/3 to 1/2, tensioning layout according to the different span and the cost of a design scheme of difference is bigger, but compared with traditional carport method, its price performance ratio is very significant. Together, because the membrane material has surely light transmittance, the day can cut lighting intensity and time, can very well to save energy, night lights transmission constitute a gorgeous sight can reach very good advertising effect.

2. The period is short. All processing and manufacturing in the membrane structure of the workshop is finished in the factory, which can reduce the construction time of the site and prevent the construction interspersed. Compared with traditional bike sheds, the construction cycle of the membrane structure can be reduced by at least half. The project can be completed in two months, and the construction time will not affect the construction progress of other works.

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3. The span is big. Membrane material of membrane structure carport is very light, the weight of every square metre just 1 kg or so, and thus membrane layout can fundamentally overcome the traditional layout in large span (no support) on the carport encountered difficult, and can open visual space without sunscreen, invention, useful to add space using area. The maximum span of the current film structure is over 200 meters.

4. Exterior type common, appear abound change, unique and attractive visual effect, its use plan is not confined to sports or exhibition car shed, also extend to the house and the scene car shed and so on every aspect. The planning of membrane layout can be large and small, with street sketches and waiting hall and stadium. Longevity can be long and short, can be temporary ceiling, also can be more than 30 years of long car sheds; Color can be to spend, membrane materials like fabric can be dyed same variety, especially the translucent membrane data function, make the film shed in light in the sky, in the dreamy color.

5. Self-cleaning, membrane structure in use in the carport with protective coating film material, thus has excellent self-cleaning effect, can use natural rain scour to clean sheds the appearance of things, also ensure the carport together using the stature. Other, the film layout also has the advantage of convenient transportation, easy to update and not easy to snow.

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