The inflatable membrane structure is shown in the large-area open operation area


The inflatable membrane structure is a new kind of building structure, is an important branch of light space structure, has the rich and colorful modelling, superior construction characteristics, structural characteristics, mainly divided into the tensioned membrane structure, membrane structure frame, inflatable membrane structure, membrane structure cable truss, etc.

Tianjin Kangda Membrane Structure Engineering Co., Ltd., is able to realize the following effects in the use of large open area closed and gas collection processing facilities:

1) It will be treated as contaminated soil, compost treatment, waste disposal area, large area such as working in the landfill polluting gases in the open areas of the original discharge into organized the unstructured, and gases reached national emission standards;

2) Reduce the groundwater pollution caused by the precipitation of the large open areas such as polluted soil treatment area, compost disposal area, hazardous waste disposal area and landfill site, etc.

3) Reduce the dust and bacteria emitted by the large open areas such as disposal area of contaminated soil, disposal area of compost, hazardous waste disposal area, landfill site, etc.

4) Improve the visual effect of large open areas such as the treatment area of contaminated soil, the disposal area of compost, the hazardous waste disposal area, and the landfill site, etc.

5) It can make the area of pollution soil treatment area, compost disposal area, hazardous waste disposal area, landfill site and other large open area operating areas not affected by the weather, and can carry out continuous operation around the clock.

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