Luxury camp tents are ready to be use


Kangda is creating tents in beautiful Tibet like caterpillars and doughnuts

 This is called "the charm camping" luxury camping tents will become the new trends for tourists, it is different from traditional tent with toilet and kitchen facilities, solves the tourists camping the biggest embarrassment.

Two tents designed for mountain villages and highland topography. One is a long curved form that can be extended, while the other is a hollow round, designed as a reference to a pebble.

The luxury camp tent is designed to protect the interior from uv damage, water resistance and fire protection.

The two layers of film are stretched around the steel frame to make its shape curved. Each tent has a glass entrance that lets daylight in.

In the tent, the designer designed a custom-made sofa bed, selected some art paintings and other decorative partition walls, and the bathroom after the partition wall.


Why create a luxury camp, give people a chance to approach and experience nature, and also provide a unique design experience. So we chose to start the bold design of this pro-nature, ecological, comfortable and modern design in Tibet.


Luxury tent use high quality film material, its characteristic is ultraviolet ray, waterproof, fireproof. The double layer film provides better resistance to the four seasons.


For the outer membrane of complex geometric shapes, computer animation draws and the high frequency technology of 2d cutters and welding, providing absolute watertightness. The structure of the tent shape and location has been repeatedly practiced to give a perfect look at different times of day and night.



Each luxury tent has its own bathroom, folding furniture and sofa beds, indoor lighting facilities, and transparent glass doors to increase indoor lighting.