The membrane material of ETFE has some unknown characteristics


The membrane material of ETFE has some unknown characteristics 

1) the transmission spectrum of ETFE film materials and glass is basically consistent, and the uv penetration rate is high. It can be used to adjust and control the light and ultraviolet transmittance by printing the mask and changing the film thickness.

2) environment to allow temperature to use for a long time - 200 ~ 150 ℃.

3) after reaching the melting point in the fire environment, the molten hole will appear, and the boundary of the melting hole will be burnt and spread, but it will not produce open flame, and it will not drop. According to GB8624 of China, the classification method of combustion performance of building materials is classified as class B1.

4) when the ETFE film material is made into a gas membrane that insulates the air layer, it has good thermal insulation performance.

5) ETFE film materials have good chemical stability and corrosion resistance.

6) the ultimate tensile strength of ETFE film materials is above 40MPa, and the membrane material is elastic in lower than 20MPa, allowing for folding and good tearing resistance.

7) the mechanical properties of the long exposure test showed no change.

8) the film surface is clean, the anti-dust and the smudge erosion, in the rain water has very good self-cleaning. In addition, the film surface has good anti-hail impact toughness.

9) after the ETFE film exceeds the service life, it can be recycled, can be reintegrated, and can be melted into granular raw materials.

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