The construction is strange and depends on the pressure difference of the inflatable membrane structure, if you do not understand is too out?


The Membrane structure is also called the Tensioned Membrane structure, which is the most representative and promising form of architecture in the 21st century. Broke the pure linear model of architectural style, with its unique surface modeling beautiful, concise, lively, firm with soft, force and the perfect combination of beauty, give a person with the feeling that find everything new and fresh, at the same time gives architects more space imagination and creation.


Membrane structure, it is the middle of the 20th century developed a kind of new building structure, membrane structure carport is by a variety of high strength thin film materials and stiffening member (steel, steel column or steel cable) through certain way makes its internal produce certain tensile stress in advance in order to form a space shape, as cover structure, and can absorb a certain amount of load is a form of space structure.


Membrane structure is a structure of newly developed a kind of form, since the 1970 s, membrane structure in foreign countries has been gradually applied to sports buildings, shopping malls, exhibition center, transportation facilities, such as the construction of large span.


Membrane structure can be divided into two categories: inflatable membrane structure and tensile membrane structure. Pneumatic membrane structure is a rarity in the building of, however, it is to rely on indoor inflatable continuously, make indoor and outdoor produce certain pressure difference (generally in 10 ~ 30 ) between water and the pressure of the indoor and outdoor errands roof membrane cloth to be upward buoyancy, so as to realize the larger span. The structure of the tensioned film is formed by the column and steel frame support or steel cable tensioning.


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