Only know the main configuration of ETFE film can be used in the open field


New construction materials in the field of architecture - ETFE film. Due to its good material, it has its own advantages in fire prevention, bearing force, service life, environment and so on.

On the material is so outstanding, its ETFE film structure has different advantages.


Reverse osmosis membrane, it is necessary to make a certain configuration for water treatment. Now the configuration of membrane is mainly plate-type, tube type, coil type and hollow fiber type, but often used for water treatment is coil type and hollow fiber type two kinds.

For the coil configuration, the membrane and the composite membrane are used to make membrane components and place the membrane components in the pressure vessel. First commonly used to make roll configuration of the film made flat membrane, the structure of the cellulose acetate membrane as shown in figure 1, the upper with a layer of dense thin layer (0.1 1.0 mu mm), namely the desalination layer, there is a layer below the layer (100 ~ 200 microns) a bit thick porous support layer, water easy to flow through the dense layer of porous layer. The dense layer is a semi-permeable membrane that can effectively prevent salt from passing and desalting.


The composite membrane consists of three layers, which are: the top superthin layer, the porous polysulfoxide interlayer in the middle, and the bottom layer of polyester support. Because the polyester support layer is not very flat and porous, it can not be used to directly support the desalting layer, thus pouring a layer of polysulfone microporous layer on the supporting layer to directly support the desalting layer. The surface aperture of polysulfone layer can be controlled at 0.015mu m. The salt layer thickness is 0.2mu m, and under the support of the polysulfone layer, it can withstand high pressure, and it can resist mechanical pressure and chemical erosion.


Every layer of the film is processed, and the quality and adaptability are also improved except for the growth period. In life, this kind of building material is easily overlooked by people who don't know it, even if they see it. More examples of ETFE film applications are only available here.