Membrane structure house——Luxurious tents


Diffuse light enters indoor, like outdoor feeling, the light is downy.

A perfect union with nature.

Building structures are built without the approval of relevant departments.

The living space is not only the square shell of hard shell building, but also the more

beautiful space of soft shell architecture.

It is both insulated and insulated.

The enclosure structure is adopted by PVC, PVDE, ETFE and PTFE, etc. Different requirements for owners and location latitude distribution of hotels. In low latitudes,we can use the single-layer film to ensure the sun shading effect in high latitudes. We

can use a double film to keep the structure warm. Self-cleaning strong, from beginning to end can maintain white beauty; The light is good, the single layer film material can let indoor be full of lively natural light, if use double layer film material or air pillow structure still can have the effect that insulates heat insulates. The snowpack countermeasures are beneficial to the snow area. The membrane roof of the membrane structure is not easy to snow compared with other materials, so as long as the roof is inclined, the snow will fall off automatically.

The caterpillars, beetles series membrane structure mentioned scheme with little damage to the natural scenery at the same time, and soluble in landscape form sceneries of their own, even its diverse and beautiful modelling, post-modern design style, continuity of the architectural appearance match upholstery both daily life and without formality of logical thinking, exploring innovation modelling technique at the same time, our design is more full of human caring. The pursuit of fully satisfying the exploration and experimentation of tourists can enjoy the beautiful holiday.

The outstanding advantages of membrane structure boutique hotel are as follows:

1. Guarantee scenic landscape in place, do not need building, with scenic landscape and local folk custom characteristic adjustment scheme, suitable for all kinds of environment and terrain

2. Modelling is novel, the structure is stable, the modular production, short construction period, can be quickly put into use

3. Cover an area of an area small, internal space is large, can design into a luxury holiday party room space or more

4. Allocate hotel monomer orientation according to the specific environment, Windows and doors, make full use of natural conditions and membrane material properties satisfy daylighting, ventilated effect, reduce the use of energy to the environment pollution caused by the economic and environmental protection.

5. Membrane structure at the top of the hotel also can choose type ETFE membrane material, on a clear summer night just can see the stars.

The above images are domestic and foreign application cases