Perfect reflection of membrane structure -- water cube


Membrane structure building is one of the most representative new forms of architecture in the 21st century and has become one of the main forms of large-span space architecture. It combines architecture, structural mechanics, fine chemical, material science and computer technology as a whole, build the iconic form of space structure, it not only reflects the structure of the power of the United States, also fully show the architect's vision, to enjoy nature romantic space. In 2008 Olympic building design, the membrane structure applied to get the perfect embodiment.

"Water cube" is the world's largest membrane structure project, except for the surface, which USES the membrane structure -- the ETFE material, the blue surface unexpectedly soft but also full. ETFE materials have a life span of more than 20 years or more. Currently only three companies in the world can complete this membrane structure. And conda was among them.

ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) is a new type of lightweight materials, with effective thermal performance and transmission of light, can adjust the indoor environment, heat preservation in winter, summer heat, but also avoid erosion by swimming center internal environment of the building structure. ETFE materials also have excellent automatic repair function, if there is a hole in ETFE, don't change, just hit a patch, it will heal, over a period of time will return to their original state.

ETFE's special materials, first used in the aviation industry, are known as "plastic king" in the industry. ETFE film in it is not yet widely used, but in the past nearly 30 years years, due to the material, corrosion resistance, heat preservation sex all good self-cleaning capability is strong, Europe has 600 to 600 this kind of material is used in construction, including Germany's allianz arena and Britain botanical garden "the garden of Eden". In the past 30 years, the ETFE membrane permeation and intensity in these buildings have not degenerated at all, and have been working well so far. "Water cube" has a design life of 100 years, and the ETFE film has shown confidence in the life of "water cube" over the past 30 years.

The ETFE membrane structure of "water cube" was performed before the installation, and the engineering personnel conducted an anti-impact experiment to check the membrane strength. At the time of the experiment, two or three meters above the membrane, a sharpened wooden wedge was used to drop the air pillow to see if it could withstand the shock without breaking the leak. Through these experiments and experiments conducted in the laboratory, the strength of the film proved to be consistent with the requirements, even in the face of hail.

Set up a moat around the "water cube", the inner membrane structure is a certain distance and public activity area, the design to ensure the public can't close to the "water bubble", this greatly reduces the harm it. In addition, ETFE is made of translucent materials. "according to the principle of biology, birds don't want to stay on translucent stuff. Top of the "water cube" has the rain flood collection system, drainage gutter, this place has become the birds only stop at the water cube, in order to ensure that land on the birds away from the "bubbles", designers in the position that is close to membrane structure roof gutter again set the wire for the birds to stay, make sure they don't enter the "restricted".

ETFE membrane materials are also highly secure. There is an inflatable space between the inner and outer layers of the water cube, which is called the air pillow, and the pressure in the air pillow is only 250 pa, which is only a little higher than the external pressure of the natural state. Therefore, even if the membrane structure is partially damaged, the air inside will only slowly release, not "bang" to explode, and will not pose a threat to people. The membrane structure of local damage is very easy to repair, "as long as the use of ETFE material is made of glue repair."

The above images are domestic and foreign air inflation membrane application cases.