ETFE membrane structure lighting top - Allianz Arena


The Allianz Arena in Munich, with its spectacular structure, has become a Munich and German glory. Allianz Arena was chosen as the opening match of the 2006 World Cup in Germany. The stadium, which can accommodate 75,000 people, was formally opened on 30 and 31 May 2005 and was jointly funded by Munich's 1860 team and Germany's most successful club, bayern Munich. Bayern Munich took over the loan from 1860 when Munich announced that it would be unable to pay for the loan.

Allianz Arena is the most modern course in Europe. When bayern Munich's home game, the stadium that holds 75,000 spectators will be mapped to a red glow in the lighting system and can be seen a few miles away. Designed by Swiss designers Jacques herzog and Pierre mullon. When the teams in the stadium change, the color of the walls can change, and the magic will be far beyond imagination.

Its unusual surface consists of 2,874 diamond-shaped membranes, which have self-cleaning, fireproof, water-resistant, and heat-insulating properties, with a constant pressure of 350 pascals. Each membrane structure can be painted red and blue at night, corresponding to the colors of bayern, 1860 and Germany.

From a distance, the Allianz Arena looks like a giant rubber dinghy, with a white ellipsoid that wraps around a lot of airbag like structures that both look modern and have a strong visual impact. The Munich people loved it and affectionately referred to it as a "seat belt".

In order to have enough light in the stadium, the air cushion on the sunny side of the stadium is transparent and the rest is translucent. During the day, the entire stadium is like a white life buoy reflecting the sun's brilliance. In the evening, the "life buoy" turns into a big gem: the beam will be irradiated on the shell of the court, creating a giant luminous body. If it was bayern, it would be a red light; If it were Munich 1860, it would be blue. Effect of light and color support various deformation, the germans have a passion for football also proposed when the home team goals, including 1056 May shine plastic air cushion looks to strengthen lamplight, the home team scored so far can know.

The above images are domestic and foreign air inflation membrane application cases.